Explanation of Activities

Here are the activities in alphabetical order. This is a work in progress, so please check back often for updates. Beside the name of the activity, I’ve listed the materials required for the activity. Many of the activities require flashcards, which I refer to as the “basic set.”

Alphabetization Race – basic set-words only

  • Students in groups race to put the words in alphabetical order.
  • If it’s a verb, we ignore the word “to,” same goes with articles if the vocabulary word happens to be an expression that starts with “a” or “the.”
  • Once we’ve declared a winner, I like to go over the words with the class and have the students repeat each word after I’ve said it. I often have everyone stand up and we do a “pronounce and bounce” which means they bend their knees and “bounce” for each syllable, doing a more pronounced bounce for the stressed syllable. It’s a fun and active way to review pronunication.