Vocabulary Review Cycle

In October 2015, I presented at the TESL Canada Conference in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. The title of the presentation waTESL Canada Conference 2015s, “Elevate Your Students’ Vocabulary,” ’cause the theme of the conference was “Elevating Language Learning to New Heights,” so you know, you kind-of have to try to fit the theme.

Anyway, I was presenting on a system I’ve developed for cycling and recycling vocabulary with a number of games/warm-up activities. The system was originally the idea of my colleague, Anna Morgan-Wold. It was such a great idea that I ran with it and I’ve been honing the system ever since.

The basic premise is to categorize your activities by proficiency-level required to take part.

Introduction Stage – activities where students are reading, hearing, and saying the words to become familiar with pronunciation and spelling. The meaning of the words is incidentally reviewed in the process.

Developing Stage – activities where students work to determine the word from the meaning or vice versa.

Reinforcement Stage – activities where a student is put on the spot in front of a large group, or where students must make sentences using vocabulary.

Here is my list of activities categorized in this way Vocabulary Review Cycle

Please see the menu at the top to find explanations for activities on the list (Resources/Vocabulary/Vocabulary Review Cycle/Explanation of Activities). In the future I hope to create some videos explaining the system and demonstrating the games. Keep checking back for updates!