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Wednesday Giggle

Full disclosure: I don’t speak a second language. I’ve tried . . . oh how I’ve tried. I even lived in a foreign country for a year, and by the end I could still barely meet my basic needs. I admire anyone and everyone who is on the road to learning an additional language. I admire their courage, determination and fortitude. And I thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to do what they’re working so hard to accomplish.

Having said that, from time to time those who are learning a second language put together a phrase or two that is so sweet, so charming, so totally unexpected that it makes you smile. It might even give you a giggle. In clasESL Quotes - Wonder Woman Notebooks, I take the delightful mistakes as much in stride as the mundane ones. However, first chance I get I rush to my desk to write them down. I’ve been collecting all of these little gems in my Wonder Woman notebook for years. From time to time I flip through it, fondly remembering the students who bestowed them upon me. Now I’m going to share them with you . . . one by one, week by week.

Students were asked to explain how a person’s reputation can be damaged by the media. One student wrote: “It is like when you take out a fedders from the chicken and throw away it. When you know the chicken needs all the fedders, you can not recuperate it all because was windy, or the tires from the cars took it far, or another animal took for a house. You can not give back all the fedders to the chicken. The same happens with media.”