Correcting Writing

When I’m correcting a student’s writing, I don’t just fix their mistakes. I underline the mistakes and write editing codes underneath. Then it’s up to the student to correct their mistakes as best they can, and give it back to me. If there is anything the student couldn’t fix, or fixed incorrectly, that’s a cue to me that the student needs further instruction or practice in that area. If they can fix it themselves, yay! That means they’re one step closer to writing without that particular mistake in the future.

Here are the codes that I’ve found most useful over the years. They seem to encompass most of the mistakes made by ESL learners. Writing Correction Codes

I write the codes underneath the student’s writing, and they use the code to determine how to correct their mistake, which they do above their original text. (I ask learners to double-space their work.) Here is an example of what it would look like before I gave it back to the student to correct:

Example of How to Use Writing Codes